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2024 Employee "Spirit of Giving" Campaign Raises over $200,000!

Through a belief in our Mission, it is only natural that employees want to support the hospital, financially and otherwise. Throughout our ministry we have many people from different backgrounds that creatively understand the importance of helping our community. In times of need employees connect and support each other through hardships and successes. Advocating for those who are vulnerable, and creating ways to break down barriers—both inside the four walls of our hospital and past them into our communities is made possible by employee giving.

Through the generosity of our employees, which continues to humble us, in 2024 our “Spirit of Giving” campaign raised $200,000 through the support of 206 employees. 

Read what some of our collegues have to say:

“For me, just the name of our great “Spirit of Giving” Program says it all. I feel truly blessed to be able to donate to our Hospital because it allows me to support the compassionate and lifesaving care we provide to our patients each and every day. I’m also extremely proud of the many ways we provide support to our community and to see what a positive difference we are making in the lives of so many people. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that my donation helps support our mission and the incredible care we provide to so many,” - Nina Hirsch, Director of Medical Staff Services.


“I have donated to the Northridge Hospital Foundation directly through my paycheck. I feel so strongly about giving back to the place that has nurtured me and given me a happy work life all these years. I see the donations that we make being put into action for our patients. Much of the equipment we have is provided through generous donations, and knowing that I have a small part in this gives me a strengthened sense of purpose. For me, every time I donate, I feel as though I am the one receiving the true gift.” – Jill Dickson, RN, OCN, MSHCM


I have chosen to participate in the Employee Spirit of Giving Partners Program at NHMC in the spirit of gratitude. I have been blessed in many ways throughout my life and my greatest role model, my grandmother, always taught my mother and I we must share those blessings with others. At Northridge, we have a mission to improve the health of the people we serve, the vulnerable and the disenfranchised and I know my financial support empowers the organization to deliver this mission. – Miriam Melgar-Atanaya, Director Mission Integration 


No matter what our position, we are part of one team, one family - and the humankindness we each bring to our work translates into lives saved and healed. 

At the end of each campaign we come together to celebrate humankindess! Check out some of the event day photos here!

We invite every NHMC employee to consider making a gift. Every gift makes a difference. 

100% of your donation supports the program or service line of your choosing. We invite every Northridge Hospital employee to consider making a gift, as every gift counts. Ready to give? Here's how: 

Payroll Deduction:

You can choose to give through payroll deduction by selecting an amount of your choice to be deducted from your pay every pay period. Click below to be directed to the Employee Self Service Portal (ESS):

ESS: Simply select Employee Giving and Northridge Hospital Foundation

PTO Hours:

You can choose to donate PTO hours.

Simply complete the Employee Brochure Form and email to Marsha.Salazar@Commonspirit.org

Direct Cash Donation:

We also accept donations in the form of cash, check, or credit card. If you would like to donate by credit card simply click here: Donate Now

Need help or have questions?

We are happy to assist, please contact Marsha Salazar at 818.885.5341 ext. 2 or via email: Marsha.Salazar@Commonspirit.org

Giving can create a ripple effect - when you give you inspire others to give as well. No matter how you choose to give, your contribution and your compassion reflects our mission and values. 

Employees throughout our ministry are always willing to help people in need. To read an inspiring story of a colleague who put her generosity into action, beyond the walls of our hospital and out into our community, see below.

Our hope is that we can connect each and every employee to a program or service that will resonate with you and inspire your support.

For more information on our Employee Giving Program, please contact Marsha Salazar at 818.885.5341 ext. 2 or at Marsha.Salazar@Commonspirit.org