Angie's Spa Therapeutic Cancer Massages

Northridge Hospital’s Leavey Cancer Center is offering free therapeutic massages to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. Services include foot/leg, neck/shoulder, or hand massages three days a week by three massage therapists. The massages alleviate painful side effects, decrease stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. These complementary and holistic treatments have a positive impact on patient’s body, mind, and spirit. In 2019, Northridge Hospital will provide 1,357 free massages.

Angie’s Spa has been named in memory of Angie Levy, who tragically lost her life to metastatic breast cancer in November, 2007 at the young age of 36. Diagnosed at age 27, Angie spent the next 9 years trying to live a normal life while waging the long battle for remission and a cure. It was Angie’s upbeat attitude and love for life’s small indulgences that inspired the idea of Angie’s Spa.

A patient commented: “I am very grateful for the massage therapy provided at Northridge Hospital’s Leavey Cancer Center. My cancer treatment requires that I extend my left arm over my head and hold the position for extended periods of time. A long ago shoulder injury makes it painful for me to do this, but I know that relief is just around the corner from the caring and capable massage therapists always available after my procedure. It would be an understatement to say that for me, this wonderful service has been invaluable. Thank you Angie’s Spa for making it all possible.”