Jade Lee Marasigan Charitable Fund

The Jade Lee Marasigan Charitable Fund was designed to help bridge the gaps in the system to assist patients and their families so that appropriate continuation of care is available. The program administrator will be the direct point of contact to listen, support, and help connect patients with psychiatric providers, psychotherapy, and medication.

Navigating the mental health care system is not easy. Adolescents and young adults, aged 12-20, are underserved with a lack of available treatment resources. Enduring the frustrations is often the difference between receiving critical care and leaving vulnerable patients untreated.

Jade's mental health struggle and her consequent passing by suicide signaled a need to address how young patients and families access treatment resources. The problem is that the brain is a very complex organ and there isn't a tangible disease like cancer, heart disease, or lung disease that is widely accepted, so it is often misunderstood or not taken seriously. There are different accepted terms - Mental Health, Behavioral Health, Mood Disorders, Brain Disorder, Brain Disease, Mental Illness, Neuropsychiatric Disorder. Regardless of the terminology, it is real, millions suffer from it worldwide, and those suffering deserve proper treatment.

The fund will have an established list of partnering medical resources specific to adolescents and young adults, and offer financial assistance to give patients an equitable opportunity for proper treatment by curbing some of the financial burden.

The Jade Lee Marasigan Charitable Fund was not created to give medical advice. It should be understood that each patient is unique and will be directed to providers who can give individualized treatment based on a patient's needs. Through Jade's experience, we want to positively impact the outcomes of adolescents and young adults who suffer from conditions including Major Depressive Disorder, Social Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, and Schizophrenia.