Jade Lee Marasigan Charitable Fund

The Jade Lee Marasigan Charitable Fund was developed as a legacy project in response to the passing of our daughter who suffered from Major Depressive Disorder and Social Anxiety and died by suicide. As parents, we understand the challenge of navigating the complex behavioral health system to find adequate resources for a minor. The fund's program director will actively assist families in locating and providing financial assistance for critical medical resources including psychiatry, talk therapy, and medications.

We have partnered with the Northridge Hospital Foundation to establish a community fund that will directly assist adolescents and young adults as continuation of care for diagnosed cases of depression, anxiety, and other behavioral health conditions. Our goal is to provide young beneficiaries of the fund's services with effective treatments from non-judgmental, proactive, and engaged professionals who identify with the 12-20 year old age group.

Dedicated to the Loving Memory of Jade Lee Marasigan
September 6, 2002 - August 21, 2020

John + Sooyeon Lee Marasigan