About Grace

When Grace Leland first learned about plans to build the first hospital in the West San Fernando Valley, she was concerned about noisy ambulance sirens in her neighborhood.


But when she saw a help wanted ad, she had a change of heart. She met with the hospital’s founder, Dr. Frederick Gruneck who asked, “Can you type?” Grace said “yes” and was hired on the spot.


She soon became an irreplaceable one-woman-operation, working as a typist, switchboard operator and in medical records, patient admitting and human resources. When she had a moment to spare, she raised money for patients and coworkers in need. Not surprisingly, ambulance sirens became a sound of pride, knowing lives were being saved at her hospital.


Grace worked for five years before receiving her first raise of five dollars a month.


Much has changed since then. During the past 60 years, Grace has served under seven hospital President/CEOs and witnessed many landmark moments, including working with Dr. Gruneck through the building of four towers and other expansions.


But one thing hasn’t changed—Grace’s loyalty and dedication to Northridge Hospital in her current role as Vice President of Hospital Relations and a member of the Northridge Hospital Foundation Board of Directors since 1979. She’s also passionate about her role as physician advocate in which she supports the hospital’s 700-plus member medical staff and meets with physicians regularly. She rises at 5 a.m. each day to purchase copies of the daily newspaper, which she places in the doctor’s dining room, appropriately named the “Grace Leland Physician Lounge.”


In short, Grace is a significant part of Northridge Hospital’s history. That’s why on our 60th Anniversary, we celebrated and honored her for her 66+ years of unwavering commitment.


In 2015 the “Celebration of Hope” Award was presented to Grace at Steppin' Out.